AudioDharma Cable Cooker Cable Cooking Services!

Cable break-in can be a pain in the ass, a long wait and a frustrating process. As skeptical as you may be, a serious audiophile and enthusiast owes it to him/herself to experience how much improvement is possible with proper break-in using a cable cooker.

Cables right out from the box can sound harsh, laid-back, piercing, loose and lacking in bass. After hours and hours and days of listening impressions, most listeners will usually either accept the sound or more or less give up and decide on other cables. Little they know, the cables may not even open and reveal the true potential hidden behind the engineering and construction materials. Interestingly, you may not even notice if the cable that you have owned for years has been fully or properly run-in.

The warming up process and conditioning of cables is very much dependent on the cable itself. Using the AudioDharma, some will take as little as 24hrs and some up to 96hrs. Too much cooking will not yield better results. So how much cooking are we talking about? rare, medium rare or well-done? Definitely we are looking at well-done but not over-cooked. We listen to the cable every 12hrs of cooking and subsequently, every few hours when we feel the cable is about "well-done".

Some reads and reviews on the Audio Dharma cable cooker:

At audio creations, we offer cable cooking services for your interconnects (both XLR and RCA), speaker cables and power cords. RM100 per pop (per cable or pair). It may seem a little expensive for people with a couple of hundred dollars cabling. High-end cables will benefit largely from the cooking, so you decide. We reserve the right to turn down cables that we feel will not benefit from further cooking.

*pictures to come soon*

p.s. for the benefit of the newbies, cooking means burn-in, break-in or run-in