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Mundorf DC Power Supply - made in Germany

An amplifier can never be better than its power supply.Without a stable power supply, all the operating points and electric parameters of the amplifier shift.The amplifier does not work cleanly.The music output becomes flat and annoying.Even voltage notches of 2 volts reduce the output performance by approximately 30%.An optimum power supply is not a luxury but a requirement.

Very clean output voltage through longitudinal control.Short circuit resistant and very fast mosfet power stage.Fan control variably in accordance with temperature.Temperature of semi-conductors and transformer monitored.

Model /Pulse Current / Power Pulse
e1220 30A 410W
e1530 40A 520W
e2540 50A 690W
e3060 80A 1100W
e5096 130A 1790W
e50120 180A 2400W
P3331 220A 3050W

12 volt power supplies for car hifi presentation and
serious high-end car audio demonstrations/displays.

The pleasant Raimund Mundorf himself, sometimes invents
special power supplies to the delight of his employees.

Capacitors for the power supplies can be as big as a sprite/coke can?

V cap Reference Grade Teflon Capacitor
A high-end capacitor use on our general modifications equipment and customized passives.
Kindly call in for further information.
or view the link : www.v-cap.com