Stock Pre-Amp Card 4channel Billet
Comes with KIA 4559P op-amps, TNC caps, Tracon caps, EFC caps or equivalent

Later models/revision came with 4pcs of AD op275 op-amps to replace some KIA op-amps

Factory Option/Upgrade Pre-Amp Card
Comes with BB opa2604ap, Wima caps, Sanyo Oscon caps

Customized Upgraded Pre-Amp Card offered by Audio Creations (for sale)
BB - Burr-Brown AD - Analog Devices

We use top-of-the-line BB opa627 mono op-amps and the highest possible grade of capacitors (that can fit) which includes Blackgates, Mundorf etc.

A total of 12 BB opa627 is used on this 4ch Billet pre-amp card upgrade

Another high-end favorite is to use AD797 op-amps

1]BlackGates NX,NX-HiQ,C,PK capacitors
2]Burr Brown OPA627AP
3]4% Silver Solder (optional Mundorf Silver/Gold Solder)

Listening Impression:

Words alone cannot describe the significance of this upgrade. A listening session would be more appropriate, so it is best that an appointment is made with us to experience it first hand. Alright to be fair, here is a preview of what it improves: a) palpability & presence b) greatly reduced noise floor c) higher levels of transparency d) separation and detail e) control f) did I say control? g) better come and listen...

*NEW - pictures of 12 pcs of AD797 on a 4ch Billet pre-amp card. Congratulations to the owner:

TRU Technology Billet B-2200 Limited
(special sale: SOLD)
200WRMS X 2 @ 4 ohm

Power capacitors upgraded to Blackgates

Yes, we know.. they are huge

Note: The amplifier comes with a fully upgraded 2ch pre-amp card with BB opa627 and full blackgates capacitors

Listening Impression:

Let us not spoil the fun and excitement of an audition...