It has been said that the potential of one’s system is only as great as the weakest link. People are coming to realise that cables become increasingly important when you need the music to portray every nuance and microdynamics in an evident and realistic manner. Cables becomes necessary to help bring out the palpability, air and openness that your equipment is cable of. Without good cabling, the sound is loss in transition and your investment on equipment may not be justified. To save cost, some DIYers resolve to using good quality cat5 cables or high grade industrial cables such as Belden. This cables although low loss and works well for the budget conscious, can sound sterile, dull and uninvolving. Over time, after multiple equipment upgrades people tend to forget that these cables are also holding back the system from reaching newer heights. Yes, we agree that many cables are marketed with hypes and this becomes Audio Creations challenge to identify the choices and pick out the best cables that can be used successfully used in our cars.

Transparent Cable (USA) – The Link200 Interconnect
Absolutely a fantastic deal for an Interconnect compared to any high-end car audio branded interconnects. We are pricing this too low in my opinion, as it sounds better than cables costing two times the price that you can find in the shops. This shielded cable consists of multiple strands of high purity oxygen-free copper precision wound around a center core of dielectric. The cable is flexible and not overly thick, which makes itself
ideal in the car environment. A must upgrade for its price tag.

Listening Impression:

TheLink200 is Transparent Cable entry level offering but it is by no way entry level sounding in the way it portrays itself. Brand new from the box, it is evident that the solidity of the bass improved considerably and the noise floor is tamed down a notch or two, which allows the highs and midrange details to come forward. The forwardness or perceived brightness becomes less evident when the cable had some burn-in time. Compared to other entry level hi-fi offerings or high-end car audio brands, the cable gives better detail, dynamics and openness in the entire frequency spectrum, which spells neutrality. The higher models from Transparent Cable gives a similar character but with lower bass extension and an even quieter background.
The Link 200 Interconnect offers a step up in performance from any high performance and high-end car audio cables.

Van den Hul D102MKIII Hybrid Interconnect

Build quality is top-notch and shielding is very thorough. The warm yellow-orange coloured jacket is thick (7.25mm) but soft (Hulliflex material), which makes it very nice to hold but less flexible on the bends. The Hybrid version comes with vdH’s Linear Structures Carbon technology used in the higher series, The SECOND. The cable is triple screened twin core (Balanced) and coated with pure silver strands made of a very high grade Matched Crystal (MC) Oxygen Free Copper. The capacitance between the 2 internal conductors is a very low 37pF/meter, making it suitable for short to long runs.

Listening Impression:

The D102MkIII cable is an award winning interconnect that gives you more music for the money. The cable gives a better feel especially in the low-end rumble, tightness in the midrange and midbass region. Highs are nicely brought across without hint of strain. Not as much low level detail as some cables at the same price point but it makes up with its neutrality and tonal accuracy.

Van den Hul D-300MKIII Hybrid Interconnect - in stock

Van den Hul Thunderline Hybrid Interconnect - in stock

Van den Hul BAy C5 Hybrid Interconnect - in stock

XLO PRO Interconnect - in stock

Analysis Plus – Blue Oval Interconnect

The new BLUE OVAL-IN is Analysis Plus’s premium in-wall (UL and CSA FT4) rated interconnect cable. The cable is a balanced design, made to have better common-mode noise rejection for an ultra low noise floor. The striking blue oval shaped 12-gauge interconnects lives up to its ultra cool look by the ultra consistent sound quality. For best value in high-end home theater and car audio use, you need to give these a listen.

Listening Impression:

An expert hi-fi friend called the Blue Oval Interconnect hairy sounding, which is a good thing because you know how much girls like hairy men.
J On a serious note, hairy sounding means that the cable is likable because of the nice overall tingling feel to the music and a balanced sound across the highs and lows, which you cannot fault it. It makes itself at home in the highest possible definition systems to lo-fi systems. Coherence is its real strength, making it superior to cables such as DH Labs, MIT and other cables we have tested. It has slight lessening of midrange presence compared to other cables. Sound staging is admirable, with width as good or better that many cables at the same price point but much better depth.

Duelund Pure Silver, Silk and Oil Cabling Interconnect

The interconnect is meticulously handmade by Duelund Coherent Audio, Denmark using only natural materials. As simple as it looks, every aspect of this cable is taken to a rare level of perfection, including the handmade RCA plugs. This extreme perfectionism is reflected in the sound quality, which is truly the most natural sound you will ever hear through an interconnect cable.

Listening Impression:

We love how musical this cable sounded. Once harsh and untimely reproduction becomes well controlled, musical and involving once the cable it plugged in. Staging becomes more pronounced, with much better width, depth and layers to both instruments and vocals. The Dueund pure silver cables give a lot of realism to highs and midrange and lows that never sounded boomy nor thin. They are very affordable compared to other high-end silver cables available in the home hi-fi market.

Mundorf Silver/Gold Interconnect

Listening Impression:

Speaker Cables
Speaker cables transmit high level signals from your amplifier to the speakers. A wrong choice of speaker cable can make the system sound sterile and boring or lack of depth.

Speaker cables normally represent the longest signal paths in your audio system, and they also have an extremely wide bandwidth. They can also be a very efficient antenna for picking up unwanted noises and signals from the car and radio frequency noise and other interference. Therefore, it is our goal to select cables that have good geometry and shielding to properly enable the use of home audio or high-end cables in the harsher conditions of our cars.
At Audio Creations we select cables that best compliments a mid to high-end and even exotic car audio system without having to cost an arm and a leg. We understand the system needs without going way overboard when the system does not call for it. Every cent spent on the cable must equal results. That way we promise to combat the marketing hypes and snail oil associated with buying some pricey cable available in the


Transparent Whole House 14awg Single-Wired/Bi-Wired Speaker Cables

These speaker cables are very affordable and very practical for a good foundation to any car audio system. By no means are they entry level if compared to any other car audio cables available in the market. Insulation, durability and flexibility make it very appropriate for car audio use.

Listening Impression:
The WH14 gauge cable gives plenty of performance for the money. The use of copper instead of thinned copper gives better weight and realism to the music and brings out better performance from your car audio. Long lengths of cable can still be affordable and you will never need to revert back to typical car audio cabling.

Transparent HP14-4 14awg Single Wired/Bi-Wired Speaker Cables

The construction is similar to the above but with extra insulation in the form of two Teflon insulators in between the individual conductors. Still very affordable and the jacket is flexible for long lengths and tight bends.

Listening Impression:

Performance is similar to the WH14.

Analysis Plus Blue Oval 12awg Speaker Cable

The cable uses the same patented hollow oval design as their Oval 9 but with a smaller 12 gauge oxygen free copper. The outer dimensions are 9mm x 6mm, flexible and tough enough to be used in wall or in extreme car audio usage. Blue Oval incorporates a patent-pending woven design in which every conductor wire is statistically as close to the return current as every other wire. The result is evenly distributed current density that adds up to better signal transfer than conventional solid-conductor cable designs. The conductor consists of high-purity oxygen free copper combined with a computer-matched dielectric to give the best possible performance.

Listening Impression:

The hollow oval cable was the best design used as suggested by Analysis Plus due to its minimal change in resistance with frequency, among other benefits. The cable sounded very wholesome and balance from highs to lows, which makes it very balanced sounding and pleasing which suits a variety of mid to high-end car audio applications.


Transparent Cable The Wall Plus 10awg speaker Cable
Some customers want the highest performance possible, but they want the cable “to be heard and not seen.” Transparent offers 6 levels of high performance CL-rated (fire retardant) speaker cables for installation in walls or under floors, and 7 levels of installer attachable networks. This range of choices allows you to make the ideal match with your performance expectations and budget. The cable can also be upgraded with Brick networks.

Listening Impression:

Suitable for front and subwoofer usage, the cable gives lower and tighter lows and better control on speakers and woofers. The cable gives tight and slightly forward presentation to midrange and mibass. Highs are never harsh but have plenty of dynamics and bite.
Van den Hul
The Skyline Hybrid - in stock
CS-122 Hybrid - in stock

Flat spaced conductor, twin lead speaker cable. Made with two dense silver coated very pure copper conductors, individually coated in LSC to improve sonic performance. Hulliflex jacket with printing every 10" makes cutting specified lengths very easy.

The CS-122 Hybrid is Van den Hul's famous award winning speaker wire and literally thousands of miles of it have been sold worldwide. The CS-122 is known for very good detail and excellent bass. It shows how a well designed cable using high quality materials can give excellent performance without being huge or expensive. Outstanding value and highly recommended. Available in bulk or terminated pairs with DIY banana or spade connectors. 2 x 12 AWG

Listening Impression:

The Revolution - order basis
The single lead Revolution is the ultimate speaker cable for music lovers who want the very best performance but don't want the cable to dominate the room's decor. The inner conductor consists of 308 very high grade matched crystal OFC strands with a dense coating of very pure silver, covered in an extra thick LSC saturated layer. The helically wound outer conductor structure uses the same silver on OFC wire as the core but it is comprised of 16 separate individually insulated conductors. You say you want a Revolution?

Thanks to its helical construction and an extremely thick layer of LSC around the center conductor, this revolutionary design delivers a remarkable sonic performance; rich with very fine detail and spatial information, no trace of harshness or emphasis on any particular frequency and deep, taught powerful bass. One of the best values in high end audio, very highly recommended. Available in bulk or terminated pairs with banana or spade bus connectors. 8.4 AWG

Listening Impression:

The Super Nova - order basis
imply the best metal cable Van den Hul makes. Due to its versatile four-conductor design, The Super Nova excels in twin lead as well as in bi-wiring and bi-amping applications. With its conductors paired, The Super Nova turns into the heaviest twin lead loudspeaker cable imaginable an amazing 3 gauge conductors. (Bi-wiring 6 gauge)

The Super Nova's four signal conductors are made of highest grade ultra-pure matched crystal OFC strands manufactured by a special extrusion process. In the same mechanical step a very pure protective solid silver layer is applied. This cable's heavy twin layer shielding provides perfect protection against RF and other electromagnetic interference. The Super Nova also includes a separate central ground lead, (see Inspiration), to keep the noise floor to a bare minimum.

This is another of those situations where adjectives don't do justice, this cable has no sonic characteristic, it will simply let you hear everything the recording, your system and room are capable of producing. Must be heard to be appreciated. Available only in terminated pairs with banana or spade bus connectors. 6 x 4 AWG

Listening Impression:

Mundorf Silver/Gold 2 X 1.5mm2 Speaker Cable

Listening Impression:


Duelund Pure Silver,Silk and Oil Cabling

Listening Impression :


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