Scanspeak 23W/4557T00 9" Subwoofer - in stock

Scanspeak 23W passive radiator 9"- in stock

Peerless Resolution Subwoofer - Tymphany, Denmark
Peerless Resolution 10" - in stock
Peerless Resolution 12" - in stock
extra high power performance subwoofer
Design emphasis on the Resolution series subwoofer has been to develop a strong, indestructible high performance driver that handles massive power, yet is light in weight and suitable for compact enclosures and vehicles. This unique series is highly efficient and has a long stroke design for smooth low frequencies at high volumes without cone breakup or other distortions.

Peerless Resolution 10
10" (25cm) Subwoofer

Technical Details
Recomended amplifier power: 30 - 400W
4 Ohm
Fs 30Hz
Qts 0.33
VAS 40.6L
Sensitivity 88dB
50mm voice coils

Recomended enclosure:
-sealed min. 14 Liter
-Bassreflex min 15 Liter
-Bandpass 10+8 Liter (Butterworth)

Peerless Resolution 12
12" (30cm) Subwoofer

Technical Details
Recomended amplifier power: 30 - 400W
4 Ohm
Fs 25Hz
Qts 0.33
VAS 99.7L
Sensitivity 89.7dB
50mm voice coils

Recomended enclosure:
-Sealed min. 17 Liter
-Bassreflex min 28 Liter
-Bandpass 24+19 Liter (Butterworth)

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Strong and Light Weight Aluminum Die Cast Basket
Reinforced Paper Pulp Cone To Reproduce Rigid Bass
Long Stroke For Better Dynamics At Higher Volumes
Gold Plated Terminals. Tapered Pole Piece Vent.
Optimized Parameters For Small Box Dimensions
Superior Power Handling For High Performance SPL

Peerless XLS Subwoofer - Tymphany,Denmark
Peerless XLS 10" - in stock
Peerless XLS 12" -
in stock
the extreme subwoofer. maximum performance in any application
By introducing the new Extra Long Stroke (XLS) series, Peerless has pushed the performance limits for subwoofers in SPL and SQ audiophile applications.With an immense stroke and massive power handling XLS subwoofers will fulfill every demand for deep clean and impressively fast bass reproduction at any volume level.
Aerodynamic, rigid, cast aluminium basket with a high-tech Nomex® long throw spider supports a free and open
ventilated 2” aluminum, quadruple wound voice coil with shorting ring, giving an impressive 44mm exertion thru
a massive 2.4Kg high flux dual magnet system. Premium grade materials, low resonance design and specially
compounded strong rubber surround makes the XLS subwoofer capable of working in enclosures as small
as 16 liters. As used in many award winning SPL and SQ vehicles in Europe.

Peerless XLS 10
10" (25cm) Subwoofer

4 Ohm
Fs 39.4Hz
Qts 0.39
VAS 21.4L
Sensitivity 92.2dB
51mm voice coils

Peerless XLS 12
12" (30cm) Subwoofer

4 Ohm
Fs 28.2Hz
Qts 0.3
VAS 80.5L
Sensitivity 93.5dB
51mm voice coils