The Stealth Mini Reference Power Conditioner
New Stealth Mini Reference(SMR) employs 3 high quality duplexes for power cable hookup.Two red duplexes provide the electrical juice for low powered components(e.g. source and preamps) while the third duplex, which is white, is to be used with higher-powered components like power amps.All the AC entering theSMR is filtered for RF and EMI internally, which is later, turned to heat.
1. Large ga. silver conductors
2. Cryo treated parts to help stabilize resonance
3. MST treatment to enhance the crystalline structure of the parts to give maximum conductivity
4. QP pulse generator and QP passive Disrupter to remove EMI and RF
5. SonicCraft super audio capacitors
6.Leviton hospital grade duplex's
7. IPF super filter with ERS paper for further RF and EMI suppression
8. 20amp mini breaker-detachable power cord inlet

"Upon hooking the Audio Magic conditioner in my rig, the first thing that struck me about the SMR is that it sounds very neutral. Unlike my Powertrans plus Richard Gray power conditioning which has slight emphasis on the mid and highs, the SMR does not seem to enhance any spectrum of the audio band. And because of the neutral sound that I get with the SMR, the highs seem to be more rounded. Teddy Goes to the Movies CD by Teddy Robin (MusicNet MN1004) illustrates this point extremely well. With my Powertrans-Richard Gray combination, the highs when the cymbal is struck, have more bite than the sound that I got from the SMR. But the wallop of the kick-drum seems to be slightly heftier with the SMR.

Another CD that I tried, Ngan Lin Mou (Music Net MN1002), also shows that the highs are not as airy nor extended with the SMR when compared to my own combination of Powertrans-Richard Gray. Extended listening of the SMR has actually revealed a slight graininess of the highs with the Powertrans-Richard Gray combination, something that I have never been aware of.

Listening to Reference Recording Tutti (RR-906CD) which includes some of the most dynamic classical music ever recorded does show that the SMR does not slouch in the area of dynamics. I do not feel shortchanged whatsoever when I listen to last 2 tacks of this CD. The glorious tympani whack in Great Gates of Kiev retains its stunning power. This is no mean feat as my ATC speaker, sensitivity of 88dB @ 8 ohms, will suck as much current as you can throw at it especially with the dynamic, high volume music. The sounstage with both types of conditioning is equally wire though the Powertrans-Richard combi edge the SMR slightly in terms of having a better layering.

So should you go for the Audio Magic Stealth Mini Reference? Well, if you have a system of decent resolution, you owe it to yourself to listen to the SMR. It is not always that you will get power conditioners that seem to do so many things right, especially at the price that is is sold.

Unlike some power conditioning that adds some signature sound to a hifi system, I find that Stealth Mini Reference is pretty neutral in a sense that it does not enhance any part of the audio band. Furthermore, it is not a power conditioner that is current limiting to a system.
Recommended." AVxpress issue 06

Maggielurva's comment:
"The Audio Magic Stealth Mini Reference simply has the best midbass I have ever heard in all the power conditioning products I have auditioned and owned all these years! The midbass seems to be coming out much more pronouncedly than the Hydra and RGPC. I truly love this aspect of the SMR. As my Magneplanar is very sensitive to the purity of AC, it shows that the SMR actually has higher cleansing power than many conditioners.

On the other hand, the mids are more neutral than the Hydra. Some may like it but some like me may find it slightly bland but I believe those who dislike Hydra and RGPC would find this aspect very appealing.

All in all, the Audio Magic is a rocker’s PLC, if ever there is such a category. Lovers of pop-rock music who wants good P.R.a.T (Pace, Rhythm and Timing) , this is the PLC for you." Desirable Audio

RM4,500 (USD1200 retail)
Special Price - RM3,999
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Audio Magic Power Cords

Black/Dark Thunder Power Cord

Made in USA
Two 12-gauge, double-coated, silver over copper conductors with Teflon dielectrics, Mylar dampening, and surrounding triple shielding. By no means entry level, the black thunder promises significant improvements in detail, staging and weight.

Discounted price, 1.5m US plug RM510 (additional RM90 for UK plug; additional RM80 for 2m) Special package price of RM430 with purchase of any Audio Magic power conditioner, while stocks last

Power Drive Power Cord

Made in USA
10ga double coated silver over copper, double shielded, Watt Gate cryoed connectors, teflon dielectric, mylar dampening. A very versatile powercord with dynamics, detail, and staging.

Audio Magic Power Drive Powercord 1.5m US plug for only RM999 (additional RM80 for 2m)

Other Models Available:

Sorcerer 4D Power Cord
6 ga. double-coated ultra-pure silver-over-copper conductors, Teflon dielectrics, each leg is triple shielded, Wattgate connectors, cryo treated with MST treatment - dynamic, powerful, detailed, smooth, and very musical.

Illusion 4D Power Cord
Large ultra-pure silver ribbon conductors, Wattgate plugs, triple-shielded with internal passive noise reduction. This Power Cord will let you hear your components the way they were meant to be heard!

Clairvoyant 4D Power Cord
Large 1 1/2" ultra-pure silver ribbon conductors, Wattgate plugs, triple shielded, internal passive noise reduction, double cryo treated with ultra MST treatment. The Special Edition of the Clairvoyant 4D is made from ultra large 3" ultra-pure silver ribbon conductors, made-to-order and will require a 3-6 week wait period.

Audio Magic Xstream Interconnect

  • Made in USA
  • Pure silver flat ribbon center conductors
  • Silver shielded
  • Teflon air dielectrics
  • Lockable connectors
  • Cryo treated with MST treatment

Further info available @
Special offer RM650 for 1.5m pair/RM750 for 2m pair. Other lengths available upon request

Some write ups:

Audio Magic Liquid Air Interconnect

  • Made in USA
  • Center conductor is Cryo and MST treated quantum would OFC copper litz with a cotton dampening cover inside a teflon dielectric
  • Silver shield
  • Premium gold ends

Very smooth, delicate and dynamic with great staging

Audio Magic Excalibur II Interconnect

The Audio Magic Excalibur II are truly high-end cables... at an amazing mid fi price!

  • Made in USA
  • Employ 2 pure silver ribbon conductors
  • Silver shield
  • Lockable connectors
  • Teflon air dielectrics
  • Cryo treated with MST treatment

These cables are detailed, very smooth, quiet and dynamic. They offer great staging, musicality. And they'll easily run with other cables costing twice as much!

Well-regarded reviews online:

Now priced at RM1100 for 1 metre pair/RM1250 for 1.5 metre pair/RM1400 for 2 metre pair

Audio Magic Xstream 10awg Speaker Cables

  • Made in USA
  • Xstream 10ga 2 double coated silver over copper conductors
  • Teflon dielectric
  • Mylar dampening
  • Blue poly jacket
  • Great detail, dynamics, staging
Very suitable for entry high fidelity systems, entry high-end car audio, a/v long runs and high-end surround systems

Audio Magic Excalibur II Speaker Cables

  • Made in USA
  • Pure Silver ribbons
  • 1/2" o.d. outer shell
  • Special teflon bead filled
  • Your choice of screw-on banana plugs or spades
  • Cryo treated with MST treatment
  • Very detailed, transparent, smooth, dynamic, musical!